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ACC3: Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the

Union from a Third Country Airport

As of 1st July 2014, virtually all air cargo and mail carriers operating into the European Union (EU) from third country airports must have passed an EU Aviation Security Validation audit to continue to fly cargo into Europe. ACC3 stands for ‘Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport’ and is a designation currently required by the European Union (EU) in order for these carriers to fly air cargo into or through the EU. By 1st July 2014, carrier stations in third countries will be required to have undergone an audit to obtain an EU Aviation Security Validation in order to acquire or maintain their ACC3 designation. This validation needs to be reissued every five years. The designation of an air carrier as ACC3 carrying  cargo  or  mail  from  an  airport  into  a  third  country, for which ACC3 designation is required, shall be based on an EU aviation security validation report confirming the implementation of security measures from 1 July 2014. An air carrier which is already designated as ACC3 has to fulfil this requirement until 1 July 2014. For further information klick here. The EU aviation security validation in respect of an air carrier’s relevant cargo consists of an examination of  the air carrier’s security programme ensuring its relevance and completeness  and a verification of the implementation of  aviation security measures in respect of the relevant cargo operations by using  the checklist set out in Attachment 6-C3. For being a Regulated Agent (RA 3) or Known Consignor (KC 3) a validation is also necessary. How will this impact my business? Carrier stations in third countries that fail the audit will not receive an EU Aviation Security Validation resulting in the loss of their ACC3 designation. As a consequence they may be barred from shipping air cargo into or through the EU.


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Timeline for implementing the new ACC3 Regulations
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